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StarRacing September Cup




7 SEP 2019

Warmup Time: 19:00 UTC
Race Time: 20:00 UTC
Your Time: 2019-09-07 20:00:00 UTC
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StarRacing November Cup




2 NOV 2019

Warmup Time: 20:00 UTC
Race Time: 21:00 UTC
Your Time: 2019-11-02 21:00:00 UTC
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StarRacing X-MAS Cup




21 DEC 2019

Warmup Time: 18:00 UTC
Race Time: 19:00 UTC
Your Time: 2019-12-21 19:00:00 UTC

Racing News:

Summer cup 2949 2019 final

Winner of the July 6th, 2949 | StarRacing Event

Winner of the July 6th, 2949 | StarRacing Event Highspeed-Class :first_place:: SYR3ZZ [ Das Kartell ] :second_place:: ninjedy [ StarJaeger ] :third_place:: Rumged [ PENTA ] Openspeed-Class :first_place:: rudnev [ RUSTEC ] :second_place:: X-Prime [ M.E.R.C Corparation ] :third_place:: leugim [CIVIS] and Solo-Freighter [ M.E.R.C Corparation ] Congratulation to our Winners and to all our participants, see you next time again on the 7th Sept 2949 !! We thank our sponsors: NF1, ALTAMA and our entire team to make this event possible! Thanks goes also to our Cast: from EN7 [ Ocypeta & Dakuisha ] that jumped into for Percapita this time If you want to support us further as a member of the team, than just contact us via pm. Or just leave a comment in our feedback channel . Posted by: Flexxe on JUL 7 2019
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starracing_summer_cup_2949_highspeed_class Posted by: Flexxe on JUL 8 2019
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Openclass Recording are now avalible on our YouTubechanel

Reddit: Community HUB: YouTube: Posted by: Flexxe on JUL 11 2019

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